Hello and welcome back to Bitcoin Builder.

As we get (hopefully) closer to a payout, Bitcoin Builder has "locked" all accounts.

All you can do now (at least until a MtGox distribution occurs) is check your account info/balance.

To do so, enter your account email here:

If you have any problems or questions, please just email support (at) bitcoinbuilder (dot) com. Hopefully this will all be wrapped up "soon". Thanks a bunch, Josh @ Bitcoin Builder

**** Jan 16th, 2021 UPDATE **** The trustee's Civil Rehabilitation plan has been revealed. Bitcoin Builder will be voting "yes" for it. The plan gives an option for an "early payout" which seems (it's a bit unclear currently) to be for about 80% of "final" value. Final value is roughly estimated to be about .16 BTC + .16 BCH + $650 per GOX. The timeline for an "early" payout (nor the timeline for "final" payout) is currently unknown. Also, there may still be "intermediate" payouts before "final" payout for those who don't opt for the "early" payout. There's still no decisions to be made now (apart from voting "yes" on the plan), but we will update here when more information becomes available.