Please see the new update below!

Hello and welcome back to Bitcoin Builder. As we get closer to a payout, Bitcoin Builder has "locked" all accounts. All you can do now (at least until a MtGox distribution occurs) is check your account info/balance. To do so, enter your account email here:
If you have any problems or questions, please just email support (at) bitcoinbuilder (dot) com. Thanks a bunch, Josh @ Bitcoin Builder

**** September 6th, 2022 UPDATE ****
Okay, in July the trustee put out an "update" which basically said "still working on it". Then on August 31st they put out another update which set September 15th as the last date they will process transfers of claims. Although that implies they're getting closer to a distribution, they have yet to set a deadline for it, and talking to various exchange partners they still have yet to hear anything on the actual mechanics of the pay out. So... my guess (and it's only a guess) is the distribution is only about 30% likely to happen before the end of 2022. And I would say 40% chance it happens in Q1 2023 (and 30% chance it happens after that). **** June 26th, 2022 UPDATE ****
Sadly, nobody (including exchanges) has heard a peep since November from the bankruptcy trustee. Fingers crossed there's an update soon and fingers crossed we could actually get our money by the end of this year still? **** February 3rd, 2022 UPDATE ****
Hooray, Civil Rehabilitation is (still) a go! What does that mean?
It means "early" distributions will hopefully happen by... the end of 2022?
Although the decision to take the "early" payout vs "final" has yet to be made (as we don't yet know specifics on the final option), we are leaning towards early payout, as it looks like it will likely be only ~9% less than final payout while probably happening at least a year sooner.
In the meantime, we have started to work with an approved distribution exchange to streamline the process of paying out Bitcoin Builder users.
It's not final, but most likely this page will be updated (probably in the spring) with a link to onboard as a direct user of the distribution exchange.
Users will have to perform KYC with the exchange, and then will get their payout in BTC/BCH/JPY directly to that account whenever the distribution finally happens.