Let's get ready to distribute!

Hello and welcome back to Bitcoin Builder. All accounts are now "locked". However, it is time to prepare for the MtGox distribution! To receive preparation instructions, enter your account email here:
If you have any problems or questions, please just email support (at) bitcoinbuilder (dot) com. Thanks a bunch, Josh @ Bitcoin Builder P.S. On June 24th, 2024, the trustee posted this update saying the crypto distributions will begin "from the beginning of July 2024."
We are assuming that BitGo, our chosen distribution exchange, will be a part of these "beginning of July 2024" distributions, and that once they receive the distribution they will get it into the BitGo Bitcoin Builder account within 30 days. (We have no special information beyond the public update.)
Then, once we have the final amount, we will distribute our final distribution documents for our users to complete, and plan to distribute BTC to users in (more or less) the order we receive those completed documents back.