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We provide 3X leverage (long or short) with no trading fees.
(What's going on with Mt. Gox?)

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(August 5th, 2015: We are no longer available for NY residents.)

Simple Leverage and Shorting

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Get your Bitcoins in fast. (No fiat deposits.)

Low Interest

Just 0.08% a day! Whether borrowing USD or BTC.

Get 3X leverage!

Buy (or short) up to 3x the current value of your coins.

Keep your Bitcoins

Leverage your crypto-assets without divesting yourself of them!

What's going on with Mt. Gox?

It's a whole new Bitcoin Builder!

If you have a "goxbtc" balance from before, don't worry, it is still untouched on your account.

As the Japanese trustee and Kraken (see this announcement) work through the bankruptcy proceedings, we will continue to represent the interests of Bitcoin Builder users (and all Mt. Gox depositors) to the best of our ability. If there are any actions we need you to take, we will email you directly, and generally announce them on twitter. We do not expect there to be any.

On May 26th, 2016, the trustee posted a full list of all accepted and rejected claims, and great news, Bitcoin Builder's claim was fully accepted (as of course it should have been)! We now wait for news on timing, amount, and method of payout. The creditor's meeting on September 27th, 2017 was uneventful and no real new news was given except that the next meeting (number ten!) has been scheduled for March 7, 2018.

Bitcoin Builder also filed via Kraken so that if BTC payouts are allowed, we will receive them. At that point users with GOXBTC in their Bitcoin Builder account will have them converted to the final appropriate amount of BTC (which they will then be able to withdraw).

For any funds you have on Bitcoin Builder, no action needs to be taken at this time. You can choose to sell your GOXBTC to us at a rate of .04 BTC each if you would prefer to forgo the extra time and uncertainty of letting this whole thing play out.

If you had your own mtgox account with any assets in it you should have filed your own personal claim individually. If you were rejected, unfortunately we have no power over that decision by the trustee... we have heard of users with GOXBTC they bought on BB whose claims were rejected, but also ones whose claims were accepted. We unfortunately don't have any special insight into, or influence over, how these determinations were made. We will be happy to assist in any records you might want to show the trustee, keep in mind your full transaction history with us is still up on your account if you sign in.

Hang in there!

Josh Jones
CEO and Founder
Bitcoin Builder, Inc.