Let's get ready to distribute!

Hello and welcome back to Bitcoin Builder. All accounts are now "locked". However, it is time to prepare for the MtGox distribution! To receive preparation instructions, enter your account email here:
If you have any problems or questions, please just email support (at) bitcoinbuilder (dot) com. Thanks a bunch, Josh @ Bitcoin Builder P.S. Although the trustee has extended the final distribution deadline to Oct 31, 2024, they have started making some (cash only so far, no crypto) payments. As of March 1st, 2024, we have yet to receive any distribution, nor any indication as to when it may come. They have not asked for any further info, so we believe everything is correctly in order. Also, our lawyer wrote on February 29th, 2024: "I spoke with the Deputy Trustee of Mt.Gox Attorney Yasuda earlier today via phone to convey your concerns and the urgency for expedited procedures. The following is a summary of communications with him. While the Trustee began making distributions on the currency claims in accordance with the Rehabilitation Plan last December, they have not yet begun to distribute on the BTC/BCH claims. Regarding Currency Claims: Distributions for currency claims are still ongoing. Due to the high volume of international transfers, it is not possible to send all funds in one transaction. The trustee is splitting the transfers into smaller amounts, processing them on a daily or weekly basis. As for the order of the distributions: * There is no uniform criterion such as creditor number or amount for the order of repayments. * The trustee is handling the same categories of claims as equally as possible. * Under no circumstances can the Trustee expedite the process for specific creditors. The Trustee does not accept any such requests (Attorney Yasuda was firm on this point). There is no specific action needed from you at this time. However, if there are any issues with your account details or if further information is required, the Trustee may reach out to you. Regarding Distribution of Cryptocurrency: For Cryptocurrency Claims, the process is more complex as it involves exchanges acting as representatives. Before any distribution, the exchanges must verify account ownership and conduct necessary identity checks, and so on. * As of now, the distribution process for cryptocurrency claims is still in its preliminary stages. Individual situations with distribution exchanges are not known to the Trustee. The trustee holds the necessary documentation for account permissions on their system, so there is no action required from creditors at this stage. They won’t provide an exact timeline for when BTC/BCH distributions will occur due to security reasons. In conclusion, there is no specific action for you to take at this moment. It seems that pushing for faster action from your end might not have a significant impact, given the trustee's process."